I hereby declare that :

  • I will complete all assessments on my own and without the assistance of any other person(s).
  • I have not obtained a printed version of an assessment in preparation for any of the assessments.
  • I will not attempt to print any assessment once granted access to the assessment.
  • The personal information provided hereafter reflects the personal details of the Adviser completing the assessment and is accurate, correct and true as at the time of completing the assessment.
  • I Agree

    I do not Agree

    Take Note
    Be advised that the above declaration must be consented to before the Adviser will be granted access to complete the assessment(s).
    Be advised further that if it transpires that the Adviser has been dishonest in respect of the above declaration, he/she may be considered to be in breach of the FAIS Regulations regarding the requirements for honesty and integrity. The Adviser may subsequently be found to be not fit and proper and any such finding may result in the termination of his/her service with Old Mutual.


    Question Mark Perception licensed to OLD MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE CO. (SA LIMITED)